Manufacture and wholesale distribution of sprayers, dusters, inox containers, garden tools and wine-making equipment.

Main product lines include sprayers and dusters for home, gardening, agricultural and industrial spraying applications (pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, weed killing, disinfections, etc.).

The product range expands to stainless steel (INOX) food containers for the storage of olive oil, wine, honey and other liquids. Available tank capacities range from 5 to 2000 liters.

A variety of tools and equipment for home and garden and agriculture (handsaws, reel blinds, greenhouses).

As well as a specialized set of tools and equipment for the home wine enthusiast and also for the professional winemaker. Covering the fermentation, filtering, bottling, corking, labeling and storing of wine.


The "PRAPOPOULOS" brand is synonymous to a range of modern, durable and quality products for the care of your crops, garden, vineyard and cellar.

"PRAPOPOULOS" is the market leader in Greece, and its products are exported to overseas markets.

Modern technologies are adopted in product design and development (CAD-CAM), production automation, materials handling and inventory control (fully barcoded WMS).

Products are supported after-sales through our extended sales and agents network and via the internet.

By co-operating with us you co-operate with one of the 25 oldest surviving companies in Greece (source: ICAP 2004).

Last modified 12 Sept 2016
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