Winemaking equipment

Testing and measuring instruments

Tools that make wine sampling simpler

Enological equipment - Home enology
Wine sampler - Jugs - Test cylinders
Precision instruments. Testing the wine is a delicate job. These tools are delicate enough to
make the process easy and absolute.
Wine samplers
Model Description
64060 Transparent wine sampler
64070 3 piece wine sampler (50cm)
64080 3 piece wine sampler (70cm)
Graduated jugs
Model Description
64100 Graduated jug 0,5 lt
64110 Graduated jug 1,0 lt
64125 Graduated jug 2,0 lt
64120 Graduated jug 3,0 lt
64130 Graduated jug 5,0 lt
Testing cylinders
Model Description
61220 Graduated testing cylinder 250 ml
61230 Graduated testing cylinder 500 ml
45330 Simple testing cylinder 200 ml
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