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Taps - Spigots
Wooden and plastic taps and spigots in many different sizes.
Model Description
62070 Wooden tap (spigot) 12 cm
62080 Wooden tap (spigot) 14 cm
62090 Wooden tap (spigot) 16 cm
62100 Wooden tap (spigot) 18 cm
62110 Wooden tap (spigot) 20 cm
62130 Wooden tap (spigot) 24 cm
Wooden taps
Model Description
62240 Spigot 1" 1/4 with nut (for tanks)
Model Description
40320 Spigot 3/4" thread 24mm with nut ø17,5
Model Description
40119 Spigot 3/4" thread 24mm without nut ø8,5
40100 Spigot 3/4" thread 24mm with nut ø8,5
49009 Gasket for spigots
49019 Nut for spigots
Model Description
40029 Simple spigot 3/4" 24mm without nut ø17,5
40030 Simple spigot 3/4" 24mm with nut ø17,5
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