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Model Description
61345 Four-scale alcoholmeter
61348 Four-scale alcoholmeter -blister-
61350 Alcoholmeter with thermometer
61330 Vinometer
Instructions for four-scale alchoholmeter (pdf)
Instructions for alchoholmete with thermometer (pdf)
Instructions for vinometer (pdf)
Model Description
61310 Must meter "BABO"
61315 Must meter "Academy"
Instructions for mustmeter BABO (pdf)
Model Description
61360 Partial immersion thermometer (-20° +110°)
61381 Thermometer liquid crystals
61550 Thermometer for milk (plastic) (-10° +110°)
61385 Thermometer MIN/MAX plastic
613530 Floating Thermometer
61388 Wall thermometer
61375 Salinometer 0-10
61376 Salinometer 0-50
61378 Pipette for olive oil
Thermometer for milk
Instructions for milk thermometer (pdf)
Instructions for thermometer MIN-MAX (pdf)
Instructions for floating thermometer (pdf)
Model Description
61520 Densimeter for beer
Instructions for beer densimeter (pdf)
Refractometer ATC
Model Description
61386 Refractometer ATC for general use
61387 Refractometer ATC for honey
61402 Refractometer ATC triple scale
61404 Refractometer ATC alcohol - must
Instructions for refractometers (pdf)
Digital refractometer
Model Description
61386 Digital refractometer triple scale
Instructions for digital refractometer (pdf)
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