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Filters for quality wine transfusion


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Paper filters - Filter pads- Cotton filters- Filter bags- Vaseline oil
Filtration of wine is important. Filters come at different types and sizes depending on job.
Paper filter
Model Description
64573 Paper filter
Wine filter
Model Description
41071 Simple wine filter
64409 Replacement filter pads "GROS"
64389 Replacement filter pads "FINE"
64399 Replacement filter pads "STERIL"
Instructions for simple wine filter (pdf)
Model Description
64420 Cotton conical filter 2 lt
64430 Cotton conical filter 3 lt
64440 Cotton conical filter 5 lt
64450 Cotton conical filter 10 lt
64460 Cotton conical filter 20 lt
64470 Cotton conical filter 30 lt
Cotton filter
Model Description
41080 Cotton filter bag 80x100 cm
41090 Cotton filter bag 80x150 cm
41100 Cotton filter bag 80x200 cm
Filter bag
Model Description
64490 Net for cotton filter bag
Model Description
64020 Oil remover
Model Description
67340 Vaseline oil 250 cc
67350 Vaseline oil 500 cc
67360 Vaseline oil 1000 cc
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