Winemaking equipment

Electric filters with membrane pump

Quality wine filtration in large quantities without hurting the wine of course.


Enological equipment - Home enology
Electric filters
Multiple pad electric filters. These filters guarantee the right result.
Electric wine filters
Model Description
64641 Filter with pump SUPER JET (3 pads)
  1200 cm2 - 270 lt/h
64651 Filter with pump SUPER JET (6 pads)
  2400 cm2 - 520 lt/h
Model Description
64631 Filter with pump MINI JET (3 pads)
  465 cm2 - 10 lt/15min
Model Description
64699 Filter pads SUPER JET "GROS"
64709 Filter pads SUPER JET "FINE"
64719 Filter pads SUPER JET "STERIL"
64669 Filter pads MINI JET "GROS"
64679 Filter pads MINI JET "FINE"
64689 Filter pads MINI JET "STERIL"
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