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Bottle drainers

For easy and comprehensive draining


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Bottle drainers - Dust caps
Bottle drainers for the clean bottles . The ideal draining system because it takes up very
little space and bottles do not get dirty at all.
Bottle drainer
Model Description
41561 47-Port bottle drainer - red
41551 45-Port bottle drainer - orange
41621 91-Port bottle drainer - red
41611 90-Port bottle drainer - orange
41661 Rotating base for bottle red drainers
41651 Rotating base for bottle orange drainers
41631 45-Port bottle drainer with metal base
41641 90-Port bottle drainer with metal base
Bottle drainers
Instructions for red bottle drainers (pdf)
Instructions for orange bottle drainers (pdf)
Anti-dust caps for bottles
Model Description
65319 Anti-dust cap for bottles
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