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Have your pick among these fancy and efficient corkscrews. Many are packaged in gift box which makes them the ideal present.
Automatic corkscrew "WINEYARD"
Model Description
67161 Automatic corkscrew "WINEYARD"
65401 3-Lever corkscrew"CHROME"
65411 3-Lever corkscrew"NYLON"
65405 3-Lever corkscrew"ZINC"
3-Lever corskcrew "NYLON"
3-Lever corskcrew "ZINC"
3-Lever corskcrew "CHROME"
all mounted corkscrew "CHROME"
Model Description
65415 3-Lever corkscrew"ECO"
65521 Wall mounted corkscrew "CHROME"
65525 Wall mounted corkscrew "ECO"
65531 Table mounted corkscrew "CHROME"
65535 Table mounted corkscrew "ECO"
3-Lever corskcrew "ECO" Table mounted corkscrew "CHROME"
Corkscrew "CUPBEARER" - Wood
Corkscrew "GRANDPA" - Brass
Model Description
65561 Corkscrew "CUPBEARER" - Wood
67290 Corkscrew "GRANDPA" - Brass
Folding corkscrew
Model Description
69670 Folding corkscrew
67213 Heavy weight corkscrew
67221 Corkscrew"LITTLE BOTTLE"
Heavy weight corkscrew
*Corkscrews No69760 and 67221 are also available with your company logo printed (>1000)
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