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Seal your bottles quick and easy with the cap or cork of your choice


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Corkers - Cappers
Corkers and cappers come in different types. They are capable of sealing bottles with cork or
with metal caps (crown caps).
Simple corker Simple capper for crown caps
Model Description
42021 Simple corker ø22 mm
40513 Simple capper (crown caps)
2-Lever metal corker
Model Description
42013 2-Lever metal corker (<ø25mm)
Professional floor corker
Model Description
42080 Professional floor corker
42050 Crown cap adaptor for floor corker
3-Lever plastic corker 3-Lever metal corker
Model Description
42113 3-Lever plastic corker
42003 3-Lever metal corker
2-Lever champagne cappper
Model Description
42183 2-Lever champagne capper
2-Lever capper
Model Description
40530 2-Lever capper ø26mm (crown caps)
40451 2-Lever capper ø26 & ø29/3 mm (crown caps)
Table capper "COLT"
Automatic table capper for crown caps
Model Description
40499 Table capper "COLT" (crown caps)
40479 Automatic table capper
40409 Spare part for 40499-40479
Capsule sealer
Model Description
48000 Capsule sealer 23mm - 32mm INOX
Capsule sealer
Model Description
48020 Capsule sealer 24mm - 31,5mm ZINC
Capsule sealer
Model Description
48032 Capsule sealer 24mm - 32mm INOX UNIVERSAL
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