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Table and floor automatic corkers and cappers
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Hydraulic capper
Model Description
66691 Hydraulic capper "ERCOLE"
  • For crown caps ø26-29-31mm
  • For champagne caps ø26-29-31mm

Technical characteristics:

Cup with magnet
Adjustable pressure (8/10 bar)
Two start buttons and protective mask
Dimensions max: 18.5x23x78 cm
For bottles max: 46x12.5cm
Hydraulic corker / capper
Model Description
66670 Hydraulic floor corker / capper "PRIMA"
  • For all kinds of bottles (standard, burgundy, champagne)
  • For natural corks ø28-30mm x 40mm height
  • For synthetic corks ø22-24mm x 44mm height
Output: 720 pcs/hour
Technical characteristics:
Head protective cover
Hydraulic breathing valve & handle
Oil level indicator
Adapter for bottles
Start & Stop switch
Adaptor for natural corks ø22-24-26mm
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