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Thermocapsule machines- capsules - Wine labels
The absolutely necessary set of tools for perfect finish. The wine labels and capsules blend
with all kinds of wine (white, red, rose).
Thermocapsule machine
Model Description
69010 Thermocapsule machine
Instructions for THERMOCAPSULATOR (pdf)
Thermocapsule machine
Κωδικός Είδος
69020 Thermocapsule machine vertical INOX
Thermocapsule machine
Κωδικός Είδος
69500 Thermocapsule machine vertical INOX gun
Model Description
69489 White capsules
69479 Black capsules
69469 Bordeaux capsules
69769 Gold capsules
69779 Green capsules
53602 Gold capsules with strap
53604 Green capsules with strap
53606 White capsules with strap
53608 Black capsules with strap
53610 Bordeaux capsules with strap
53612 Red capsules with strap
53604 Transparent capsules with strap
Bottle capsules
Model Description
69189 White wine labels
69191 Rose wine labels
69193 Red wine labels
69743 Beer labels
Wine labels
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