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All kinds of caps for wine, champagne, beer and olive oil bottles


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Caps - Crown caps- Aluminum capsules - Expansion caps
Use these caps for tight sealing and good looking result
Champagne cap
Model Description
69279 Plastic champagne cap (100 pcs.)
Wire retainer
Model Description
69089 Wine retainers for champagne caps
Model Description
69553 Fastener for wire retainers (champagne)
Champagne re-sealer
Model Description
40790 Champagne re-sealer in metal
Crown caps
Model Description
69349 Crown caps Ø26,5
69359 Crown caps Ø29
Model Description
46209 Plastic screw tap for demijohn 5lt
Aluminum capsule 31,5x24mm (for bottle 1,5lt)
Aluminum capsule 31,5x24mm -for olive oil- (for bottle 1,5lt)
Aluminum capsule 35x19,2mm (for demijohn 5lt)
Aluminum capsule 35x24mm - olive oil- (for demijohn 5lt)
Aluminium capsules
*Use with heavy weight capsule sealer No 48000
Mechanical bottle re-sealers
Model Description
69400 Bottle re-sealer (plastic head)
69428 Bottle re-sealer for 5lt demijohn (plastic head)
48155 Bottle re-sealer (ceramic head)
69513 Spare rubber for bottle re-sealer caps
Expansion cap
Model Description
40722 Expansion caps (Multicolored)
*Available in white, black, blue, yellow & red color.
*Available also with your company logo printed (>10,000).
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