Winemaking equipment

Brushes & bottle washers

The ideal set of tools for cleaning and sterilizing bottles


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Sterilizers - Bottle washers- Brushes - Cork retrievers
Different types of brushes and also bottle washing systems ensure the cleanness of your
bottles. The brushes are also offered as replacements for economy.
Cork retriever
Model Description
69090 Cork retriever
Sterilizer "LUX"
Model Description
41171 Sterilizer "LUX"
Instructions for sterilizer "LUX" (pdf)
INOX washer on tripod
Model Description
41201 INOX washer on tripod
Instructions for INOX washer (pdf)
Water powered bottle washer
Model Description
65091 Water powered bottle washer
65160 Replacement brush for 65091
Instructions for water powered bottle washer (pdf)
Bottle brushes
Model Description
41350 Brush for bottles with pin 45 cm
41330 Brush for bottles 80 cm
Demijohn brushes
Model Description
41390 Brush for demijohns
INOX rotating brush
Model Description
41450 INOX rotating brush for bottles
65150 Replacement INOX brush for 41450
Electric bottle washers
Model Description
65111 Electric washer "MAXI"
65101 Electric washer "MINI"
65160 Replacement brush INOX for electric washers
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