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Gifts - Bar equipment- Limbecks (Extractors)
Choose from these fine decorative items. Many are packaged in gift box and make the perfect present. Enhance your personal bar and enjoy your wine.
Wine collars
Model Description
67923 SATIN wine collar
67903 CLASSIC wine collar
67913 POLISHED wine collar
Wine preserver
Foil cutters
Model Description
65501 Chrome plated foil cutter
65511 Black foil cutter
69682 Wine preserver
Pouring spouts Pouring spouts
Model Description
67672 Metal pouring spout
67892 Pouring spout with plastic base
67898 Pouring spout with plastic base and cap
Wine stoppers - Caps
Model Description
65441 Cone shaped wine stopper
65451 Sphere shaped wine stopper
65471 Pouring spout for wine with lock
65541 Spirits pourer
Gift set "SOMMELIER"
Gift set "SOMMELIER" Gift set "FAMILY"
Model Description
65421 Gift set "SOMMELIER" - Metal
65575 Gift set "SOMMELIER" - Wood
65551 Gift set "BAR"
65435 Gift set "FAMILY"
Gift set "BAR"
Extractor (limbeck) Extractor (limbeck)
Model Description
41801 Decorative extractor (limbeck) 1,9 lt
41811 Decorative extractor (limbeck) 2,8 lt
Instructions for extractor device (pdf)
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