Hand sprayers

Mini sprayers and double action pumps

Traditional durability and high manufacturing standards combined together to provide you with the best home & garden sprayers currently on the market.

These sprayers do not build-up and maintain pressure. Constant pumping is needed for proper operation.

Suitable for watering and small scale garden and agricultural use.

One-year factory guarantee for all hand sprayers.

Prapopoulos Bros s.a.
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Mini sprayers

Mini sprayer for home use. Use it to spray house plants and not only.

Mini sprayers JINI
Model JINI 700 JINI 1000
Capacity 0.7 lit. 1.0 lit.
Net weight 0.08 kg 0.09 kg
Double action pumps

The double action pumps are suitable for any amateur use.

The HYDRO 5 double action pump uses the bottling industry standard "PET" bottle as a liquid container. This can be very convenient in a house or other indoor environment such as a greenhouse. No tank or container is included.

Hydro 5
Model Hydro 5
Gross weight 0.15 kg
Hydro 10 - Professional
Model Hydro 10
Gross weight 0.55 kg
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