Hand Dusters - Knapsack Dusters - Motorized Dusters

Traditional durability and high manufacturing standards combined to provide you with the best agricultural dusters currently on the market.

A duster is capable of spraying dry dust. The most common application area is sulphur dusting. Suitable for agriculture, crops, plantations and greenhouses.

Professional models can be either manual operated or motorized.

One-year factory guarantee for small hand dusters.

Two-year factory guarantee for the knapsack dusters.

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Hand dusters

A small duster for every need.

The ingenious 201 and the bellows duster with grinder. A grinder is recommended in humid environments and also when the quality of the sulphur is not very good.

201 - Hand duster
Model 201
Capacity 0.6 kg
Net weight 0.2 kg
501 - Hand duster
Model 501
Capacity 1.5 kg
Net weight 0.7 kg
Knapsack dusters

The professional series

Suitable for large scale agricultural dusting applications.

The knapsack duster is equipped with an output flow control regulator and a rotating grinder. It comes with adjustable belts and shoulder straps. The extension lance can be optionally increased to 3 meters long. Suitable for crop dusting. Packaged in attractive full-color carton box.

901 - Knapsack duster
Model 901
Capacity 8 kg
Gross weight 2.9 kg
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