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Compression sprayers

Traditional durability and high manufacturing standards combined together to provide you with the best compression sprayers currently on the market.

The main principle behind pre-compression sprayer technology is that the whole plastic container is under pressure during operation. Pressure is being build-up prior to spraying, by pumping manually.

Suitable for home small scale watering, gardening, crop protection, weed killing, pesticide & insecticide spraying and also for industrial spraying applications such as disinfections.

Compression sprayers come with one-year factory guarantee

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Home oriented

The ideal small sprayers for spraying house flowers, gardens and small areas

Easy to use and maintain.

Aladdin is equipped with a pressure relief valve. They can be used indoors. They work out of the box, no assembly is necessary. Aladdin is also available with "VITTON" seals.

Netuno - Compression sprayer
Aladdin Vitton - Compression sprayer for industrial applications
Model Netuno Aladdin
Capacity 1.2 lit. 1.5 lit.
Working Pressure 2.2 bar 2.2 bar
Gross weight 0.4 kg 0.5 kg
Aladdin - Compression sprayer
Download instructions manual, technical drawing and parts list
Garden and crop oriented

Suitable for any gardening, agricultural or industrial spraying application

They provide a larger capacity tank for more spraying autonomy and are also capable of achieving higher pressures.

Use these compression sprayers outdoors on your flower-beds, small garden and also on crops and greenhouses. The pressure relief valve comes as a standard and they are easy to use. Packaged in attractive 3-colour carton box.

Venus 5 - Compression sprayer
Venus 8 - Compression sprayer
Model Venus 5 Venus 8
Capacity 5 lit. 8 lit.
Working Pressure 3 bar 3 bar
Gross weight 2.1 kg 2.5 kg
More information on" VENUS " compression sprayers
Download instructions manual, technical drawing and parts list
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