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Technical Characteristics and Product Features

Copper Knapsack Sprayer Model No. : 1A & 14A

While being manufactured for over 100 years now, the copper knapsack sprayers offer outstanding durability.

Sprayer model No-1A is one of the most traditional knapsack sprayers worldwide which utilizes a diaphragm pump (membrane) to build-up and sustain pressure. Its fellow sprayer No-14A utilizes the piston approach which is identical to the plastic sprayers.

Membrane sprayer 1A
1AX copper sprayer with copper lid
2-year guarantee
15 lt
16 lt
Tank / Body
Made of copper, slightly curved for ease of use. Cap with carrying handle
PISTON (Made of Copper)
Working 3 bar / Maximum 3 bar
Working 4.5 bar / Maximum 6 bar
Standard features
Right hand operation (Left hand made to order), adjustable straps with padding, operators manual and full spare parts support
Lance & Delivery hose
Brass trigger & filter with 0,5 m brass extension & 1,20 m delivery hose
Adjustable brass cone type
Copper lid, selection of lances
Net 5.7 kg / Gross 6.1 kg
Net 5.1 kg / Gross 5.5 kg
Individual Carton Box 41X18X50 cm
Individual Carton Box 43X18X53 cm
It is estimated, that if the sprayer is well-serviced, its operational lifetime may exceed 30 years. Many 1A knapsack sprayers (Membrane model) have been found being exhibited in modern agricultural museums all around Greece.
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