Hermetic sealed inox tanks

Suitable for storing wine, oil, milk, honey and other liquids

Tanks welded using TIG technology, manufactured from stainless steel (INOX) 18/10 (AISI 304) approved for storing food by the European Union.

Ideal for long-term storage.

Optional nitrogen system for HACCP approved winemaking.

Hermetic seal with relief valve.

With or without hatch.

Eurotank INOX tanks
5 year guarantee
Hermetic sealed inox tanks - For wine, oil, milk and other liquids foods
Specialized tanks for long term storage and also for winemaking. They come in 5 different sizes covering both the needs of the seriously involved and also the wine professional.
Hermetic sealed inox tanks Hermetic sealed inox tanks with hatch
Optional Accessories:

Nitrogen system

Exterior level indicator
Exterior level indicator
Nitrogen system for hermetic sealed inox tanks
Model Capacity Diameter Height
TE300 300 lt 650 mm 1550 mm
TE500 500 lt 760 mm 1735 mm
TE1000 1000 lt 940 mm 1950 mm
TE1500 1500 lt 1150 mm 2100 mm
TE2000 2000 lt 1150 mm 2600 mm

Specialized tanks for long-term storage of wine or olive oil. They optionally accept nitrogen system, HACCP approved, material AISI 304 (thickness 0,8mm - 1,5mm), hermetic seal AISI 304 with airflow valve. The exterior level indicator is included as standard feature on 1500lt & 2000lt tanks.

Model Capacity Diameter Height
TEP300 300 lt 650 mm 1550 mm
TEP500 500 lt 760 mm 1735 mm
TEP1000 1000 lt 940 mm 1950 mm
TEP1500 1500 lt 1150 mm 2100 mm
TEP2000 2000 lt 1150 mm 2600 mm
Equipment is same as version without hatch but includes hatch 300mm AISI 304. Ideal for winemaking.
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