Double cutting action handsaws

Japanese blades, perfectly elaborated and chromed

Suitable for any type of wood and plastic pipes

Easy and trouble-free cutting for arborization, vineyards and gardens.

Wooden or plastic handle handsaws and pocket-knife type saws.

Telescopic models also available.

Large and ergonomically designed shafts.

Triple notches for easy sawing, extra brinell hardness

Folding handsaws
The safe and practical pocket-knife type of saw offers outstanding cutting perfomance while being easy to carry and keep. It comes in color packaging.
Blister Blister
Model Description Length
AB180 Folding saw -BLISTER- 180 mm
Handsaws with plastic handle
High performance saws equipped with protective seath.
Model Description Length
AB240 Straight handsaw with seath 240 mm
AB270 Straight handsaw with seath 270 mm
AB300 Straight handsaw with seath 300 mm
Model Description Length
AB330 Curved handsaw with seath 330 mm
Handsaws with wooden handle
Highly durable saws with nicely carved wooden handle. They come in color packaging.
Model Description Length
A240 Straight saw with seath 240 mm
A270 Straight saw with seath 270 mm
A300 Straight saw with seath 300 mm
Model Description Length
A330 Curved saw with seath 330 mm
Telescopic handsaws
Strong aluminum rod with rigid extension clamp offers highly stable cutting performance at long heights.
Telescopic saw
Model Description Length
A330T Telescopic saw 1.5m x 1.5m 330 mm
A331T Telescopic saw with SIKLE 1.5m x 1.5m 330 mm
Replacement blades
Triple notche blades made in Japan, make sawing an easy and trouble free activity
Model Description Length
A024 Straight blade 240 mm
A027 Straight blade 270 mm
A030 Straight blade 300 mm
Model Description Length
A033 Curved blade 330 mm
A034 Curved blade with sikle 330 mm
Model Description Length
A018 Straight blade for BLISTER saw 180 mm
Files made in Japan ensure that your saws are in optimum sharpness and always edgy to undertake any demanding sawing job.
Model Description
A010 Japanese file
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